Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Whole of All

I've recently been struggling with the reconciliation of the understanding of "All is One" with the actual physicality of reality that we are presented with through sensory experience (sorry, if this sounds technical, I've been reading Mircea Eliade all night.).

Although I realize that "All is One" can be seen as true on a biological level -- being that all known DNA is inherently made up of the same four base pairs --, and can be seen as true on a Quantum Physical level -- in the sense of non-locality --, and in the sense of Alchemy and Yin-Yang -- in the sense that we are all but one part of the Whole, which is the All of Creation ( and I'm sure that the concept has many other understandings that I've not even come close to uncovering yet), I've not yet figured out how to reconcile that understanding with the fact that it seems reality is divided and classified.

If one takes an image, and creates a grid over that image, and then works out a classification within that grid to explain what is in each little box, no matter how complex that classification system is to explain each individual segment of the grid, underneath the grid still remains "the whole picture". I find this synonymous with the "All" in relation to physical reality, yet I'm not sure if those classifications and divisions exist because we approach the world in a conscious way which creates these divisions, or whether there is something inherent in the process of passing into physicality that creates those divisions.

Any answers or thoughts from others is greatly appreciated.

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