Monday, May 21, 2007

Utopian Goddess Societies

I'd much appreciate a prod in the right direction if there has been a recent discussion on this. Smiley

Today is the first day of a mythology class I'm taking this semester, and our first assignment is to read an essay by Adele Getty in her book Goddess: Mother of Living Nature.

Right off the bat, Getty starts getting into the "Great Mother Goddess" stuff: ancient carvings and the like that must be Goddess symbols, Neolithic societies that knew nothing of war or rape, and deep respect specifically for the "cycles of women."

I really haven't done much research into this area (too much actual homework, lol), but I thought that this line of thinking had been de-bunked in scholarly/scientific circles. If so, does anyone have some good sources I could explore for solid information on why this idea of a Goddess-centric pre-historic utopia doesn't exactly hold water?

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