Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pagan Homeschooling?

I don't have children, but hope to one day have at the very least, a child. I would reeeally like to homeschool this future child and am curious if anyone on his board homeschools their children and how they do it? Are there Pagan places to get homeschooling supplies? ((I have no idea how homeschool really works either! so some of what I say may not even make sense))

I would like to also avoid raising children with the Christian holidays.....I mean I don't mind taking them to grandparents and whathaveyou who do celebrate those holidays during those times....and I want my child to go on their own path.....but I would still like to instill the holidays which I celebrate with them and for them to not think that Christian holidays are the "only" or the "main" holidays and whatnot.

me having a child is way off in the distance, past the horizon.....but I often think of homeschool, as it is the only option I would even want to delve into with concerns to schooling them.

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