Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Besom Buddies

Sounds like a bad pagan chain letter...

Recently I've noticed that there are deities that are a whole heck of a lot more popular amongst pagan circles- or widely followed. I guess widely followed would be a better description.

All questions are open to all comers, I just tried to separate them out into easily used portions. Pick and choose as appeals to ya.

For those who follow more commonly known deity;

Do you feel pressure to tailor your experiences to match others worshiping a deity under the same name as yourself?

Is it difficult not to go along with others perceptions of 'your' deity that you disagree with?

Have you ever been tempted to tell someone that the deity that they are interacting with is clearly not the deity that you are, even though they are speaking the same name?

Do you feel that alignment of perception with others is criteria for validating your practices? Do others who don't see the deity in question as you do, make you question your perception, or whether you're getting it *right*?

For those who worship less widely known deities, or those who are not widely worked with in pagan demographics;

Do you feel pressured to choose a more "socially acceptable" deity?

Do you find that your perceptions of your deity align with others, if and when you do come across others?

Do you feel they(perceptions) should?

What do you do when there is no one to compare notes with, or when those who might otherwise validate, choose not to - for any reason. (too personal, ethics, individuality concerns, etc.)

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