Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Are Your Gods from a Familiar Pantheon?

For those of you who have had contact with gods in some way: Did your gods come from a pantheon you were already familiar with, or did they come from a completely unexpected direction?

I am much more familiar with the Greek pantheon than any other. Part of this may be that exposure to Greek myth in school might have been more common than exposure to the mythology of another culture. Yet I have always been interested in Greek religion, even before I identified as pagan, from a historical perspective. It’s possible that I just happened to retain the Greek stuff, but I don’t remember learning too much about myth from other cultures.

I’m wondering if my perceived nudges from gods appear to be from the Greek direction because it is the pantheon I am most familiar with, or if I became familiar with Greek religion over the past several years as a result of unrecognized nudges.

Did your exposure to a particular pantheon from an early age push you in the direction of the gods you work with, or did you come across a less familiar pantheon as a result of later contact from a certain god?

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