Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pagan Podcasts

I've been browsing through iTunes for *Pagan* related podcasts. It looks like there are quite a few, more than I anticipated I would find. So far I listened to a portion of one regarding Tarot; the host was discussing the minor arcana. I didn't listen to the entire thing, but it was done well and she was talking not only about the card's meanings and interpretations but also about the specific meaning some of the cards held based upon their origin (if the case was that the card was representative of an actual king, queen, or other historical figure).

Next one I have ready to play is the show by Deos Shadow -- have you heard of him? Apparently it is a radio show that discusses different general Pagan topics. This one is about Runes... I haven't listened yet, but both of these are of good quality (sound and recording wise).

Does anyone else utilize podcasts for learning tools?

Certain podcasts have to be purchased through iTunes but just as many are free -- the ones I'm browsing now are free.

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