Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sources of Eclectism

A couple of the recent threads addressing eclecticism and how we self-define has sent my brain down another line of thinking and I'd love to hear what others have experienced and/or think. I'm really throwing this out there at those who self-define as eclectic, but welcome anyone who'd like to weigh in.

One of my favorite dictionary definitions of the word eclectic reads "not following any one system, but selecting and using what are considered to be the best elements of all systems."

Keeping in mind this definition, what are those best elements have you incorporated into your path? What are the sources for your faith? What deities, rituals, schools of thought, etc, have you drawn from?

On the flip side of this, there is an implication of rejecting things that are not the best. What have you tried and found does not work for you? What ideas that you've come across have you rejected? What false trails along the path have been unworkable for you and forced you to backtrack in your journey?

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