Sunday, May 20, 2007

Non-Magicians Anonymous

There have been a lot of threads recently about magic, the nature of magic, the source of magic and so on. As someone who doesn't do any magic, I was starting to feel left out. So here's the solution to that. Smiley If you are a pagan who does not do magic/spells, why not?


Hi, I'm Sefiru and I'm a non-magical pagan.

(hi, Sefiru!)

I've read lots about magic. Folk magic, ceremonial magic, divination, kabbalah ... none of it ever clicked. Mind you, I believe in the gods, in spirits, in the possible existence of ghosts (although I don't think this has been proven; same for psychics), in the efficacy of prayer. But I simply cannot grok the mechanism by which, for example, rubbing oil into a green candle and lighting it is supposed to bring you money.
... or how certain kinds of minerals can affect your emotions.
... or how wearing a sachet of herbs brings good luck.
... or how a deck of cards knows the secrets of my personality.
I have heard the explanations; they don't make sense to me.

Kemeticism has the concept of Heka, the power of words, but to me this means actual communication with people, not esoteric incantations. i.e., if I want a raise --> I talk to my boss about it.


Any other non-magicians out there?

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