Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Which Virtues Are Yours?

This list is from a comparative psychology book that claims these 24 virtues, in six groups, are more or less universal to world religions/cultures. (Since they come from a shrink book, they're a little shrinky in terminology - your faith might use a more ethics-oriented word. That's cool.) So which virtues appear in your religious or ethical belief system? I'm basically going to use the "frequency" that these appear to decide which virtues to discuss first.

Note that this thread isn't for arguing about what virtues mean - after I know which ones people feel are most universal, we'll start those threads!

If you think this list leaves off any virtues important to your religion or ethical beliefs, please add them!


Wisdom and Knowledge Group:
1. Curiosity
2. Love of Learning
3. Judgment
4. Ingenuity
5. Social Intelligence
6. Perspective

Courage Group:
7. Valor
8. Perseverance
9. Integrity

Humanity and Love Group:
10. Kindness
11. Loving

Justice Group
12. Citizenship
13. Fairness
14. Leadership

Temperance Group
15. Self-Control
16. Prudence
17. Humility

Transcendence Group
18. Appreciation of Beauty
19. Gratitude
20. Hope
21. Spirituality
22. Forgiveness
23. Humor
24. Zest

Creation Group (added by us)
A. Creation of Life (& affiliated) (procreation, adoption, care of animals, gardening, ecological action)
B. Creation of Beauty/Art
C. Creation of Knowledge

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