Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Personal Pantheons

The term "personal pantheon" has come to my understanding to mean the selected deities one works with, as opposed to a culture-based pantheon (i.e. The Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, etc.) The deities one works with and has a relationship more than an acquaintance, I suppose.

My question, though, is how big is your "personal pantheon"? Does it include a small number of deities like 3 or 4, or a larger number close to ten, or even bigger than that?

Do you think having a smaller pantheon is better in the sense of being closer to each deity and less complication with the conflicting wishes of the gods? Or perhaps having a larger pantheon is better because you have more selection of who to ask from? (I don't like the sound of that sentence because I don't think the deities are something you can select so easily, but I can't think of anything better to say at the moment)

Also, should a "personal pantheon" include only deities from one culture or can it be cross-cultural? I understand that mixing warring nations deities together is unwise. I mean in cultures where they've had either benevolent or friendly contact, or perhaps none at all.

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