Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rituals for a Novel?

As some of the people on the board already know I am currently in the process of researching and writing the first draft of an amateur novel set in the Neopagan community.

While my primary point of view character is not Pagan (at least not for the majority of the story), several of my secondary characters are. As my main character observes some rituals and prayers the others do, both as a group and in solitary practice, I have to write about them, of course.

Now I am personally conflicted on how I should approach these rituals. I have read enough books to have a general conception of how wiccanesque and Eclectic Wiccan rituals are structured, so the basic stuff is clear.

However, despite intense research into various hymms and quartercalls and prayers I found very few that actually seemed to fit the imaginary group, or individual characters I have created.

I wonder now how I should approach writing the rituals and whether the fact that I am not Pagan nor one of Their worshippers might offend the deities (Brigid, Apollo and Aset, among others).

What do you think? How I could minimize a non-intended offense?

Thanks for your suggestions!

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