Thursday, July 20, 2006

On Creation, Is One God All You Need?

I believe that this existence is governed by several Gods. But, the question comes up- what are the benefits in believing that the universe was created by a multiple of Gods as opposed to one?

My own answer- One divine consciousness would make a rather tranquil and harmonious existence, but this is not how the universe works. Nature is chaotic, abrasive, and “harmony” is almost nonexistent.

Why is this? Well, the Christian would say that this existence is abrasive to us because God allows suffering to happen to give man the free will to choose God over Satan. This would be where I part ways, for I don't believe that this existence is chaotic because of man. Humanity is another species (the highest though) of fauna on this planet. The Christian view puts man above the rest of nature.

I believe that nature’s chaotic state is due to the adverse relationship between God and God, and not God and man. Consider Asatru, and Greco-Roman pantheons, (I’m a Roman Recon) all, or most of the Gods clash, and this represents nature’s disharmonious state.

If anyone has any other idea, please chime in, and feel free to tear my idea apart if you disagree.

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