Monday, July 24, 2006

Oils in Magic and Religion

I use oils in both my magical and religious practices. Some I make myself (right down to growing the herbs, grinding the resins), and some I buy commercially. My favourite commercial source right now is BPAL and TAL (blackphoenixalchemylab and twilightalchemylab) and while the BPAL oils are primarily meant to be worn and enjoyed, I use them for other purposes as well.

So, what I'd like to talk about is this: do you use oils at all? Do you make your own, or purchase them, and if the latter, what sources do you especially like? Do you use them to annoint candles, annoint yourself or icons in ritual, make candles with them, use them to dedicate/consecrate/purify items? Use them instead of or as incense? What role, if any, do oils play in your religious and/or magical practices?

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