Saturday, September 03, 2005

Officers of Avalon Collecting Katrina Donations

For those who would like a Pagan connection to donate towards helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Officers of Avalon (a well-respected group of Pagan law enforcement and emergency personel) has announcing "Avalon Cares!":

From the Officers of Avalon web site: Officers of Avalon is collecting funds for those who have lost their homes and livelihood in New Orleans. All monies we receive will be forwarded to charity organizations helping to provide emergency aid to the survivors of this natural catastrophe. Help us make a difference! Give generously!
They collected over $2K in the first 24 hours; the total hasn't been updated

This is the group has a fine reputation. They are passing along 100% to the major relief organizations, so donating through them is efficient and will put on the record that Pagans helped with this dire emergency.

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