Thursday, September 22, 2005

Same Religion by Another Name?

I have a question on a subject where my opinion will probably not be very popular but try to think of it objectively before you answer. Do you think that sometimes pagans practice another religion while worshiping the new one?

In example, there have frequently been requests among my coreligionists for prayers for another. My understanding of the Hellenic Polytheists beliefs are that people fall into three categories: friends, enemies and strangers.

The friends are the ones you help and they help you (I can possibly see asking the Immortals to aid a friend). The enemies are the ones that work to harm you or your friends (I absolutely cannot see praying for them). The strangers are the ones you don't know and don't interact with (I can see trying to turn them into friends but I cannot see asking the Immortals to help them out until I know them).

So, that being said, can you justify praying for strangers by only using the tenets of your current religion?

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