Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Empath or Overly Sensitive?

I have only a basic definition of an empath: someone who fairly literally feels the feelings of other.

No offense intended, but when people tell me they are dragon spirits on the astral plain, I basically want to ask them what it feels like to have a tail. I pretty much used to put those who said they were empaths and complained about how consuming it was in the same attention seeking boat.

However, I think either I am having a psychotic break (an option that is still realistic) or I am developing some "empathic" abilities. And guess what it is overwhelming and distressing and freaking me out.

I live in Southern California, nice shelter food family and friends. After Katrina I felt alone and scared and desperate. I am crying constantly and generally not a fun person to be around. When I see someone in need on the street I feel hungry and scared and hurt.

So I ask for honest opinions and advice. If you want to tell me to get a grip I need to hear that as much as anything else. Thanks in advance for all the insightful comments this community always provides.

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