Friday, September 16, 2005

Don't Attack Silver Ravenwolf

It honestly disgusts me to see people who claim to practice the craft sending judgment upon another. Silver Ravenwolf may not teach the type of magic a coven does but there are many ways and forms to reach the same end. I am a solitary, I focus one what my energy can do, not what other peoples' can do for me. Perhaps it would be wise to think before opening your mouth and inserting your foot and focus on all the facts first.

There are two rules that all Wicca practices that you have broken in this ridicule, the rule of three, and do as you will but harm to none. You have broken these two very vital rules. If teaching a young person, be that a teen or other, makes her a bad person then perhaps you would like to tell generational practitioners that what they do is also bad. Again think before opening your mouth.

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