Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Challenge Suggestion Thread

When I volunteered to run the Challenges (what, almost two years ago now? time flies), I originally had assumed that I would be responsible for thinking up new ideas every month. This worked out pretty well for about a year, I think, and then I started falling behind. I've been constantly asking the staff for new ideas and feeling bad about it because I felt like I was asking them to do stuff I'd promised to do. Finally, I made a decision: the way the Challenges work just has to change. My brain has just run dry on ideas. I can't keep up any more. So I'm asking y'all to help me out with ideas from here on out. If you've got an idea for a Challenge you'd like to see, or one from the past you'd like to request be repeated, please post it in this thread!

I can't promise I'll use every idea, because some will be better-suited to the forum in general than others, but I'll do my best to use as many as I can. (With proper credit given to those who suggested them, of course!) Some guidelines to consider which would increase your chances of your idea being used: Keep it general, so that you don't cut out large portions of the forum who can't participate or have little interest in doing so. Keep it simple, so that people can understand what they're supposed to do fairly easily. Challenges should be -- well, challenging -- but not impossibly difficult; you don't want people to get discouraged and drop it halfway through the month. Basically, keep it user-friendly.

If there comes a month when no one has any suggestions and I don't have any stored up, I should be able to come up with something, but if y'all could pitch in a bit it would go a long way to keeping the Challenges up and running smoothly. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Even if you just have a vague direction, go ahead and post it -- maybe it will generate more ideas from other people too. If nothing else, even vague direction is more than I've usually got going right now.

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