Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hiding Your Faith?

Read about the turmoil in Iraq and you're bound to come up with a reference to Islam's two main factions: the Sunnis and the Shi'ites.

One controversial practice of the Shi'ites is taqiyyah, which basically means hiding or denouncing your faith outwardly when under duress. For example, if you are under threat of torture, Shi'a doctrine holds it permissible to deny being a Muslim, as long as you still believe in your heart that you are.

So what about Pagan religions (and anyone else who wants to reply)? I understand that they face discrimination and there are Pagans in the 'broom closet'.

1. Does your faith allow you to deceive others in such a way? How do your god(s) feel?

2. If your faith doesn't address it, then do your own personal ethics allow it? How do you draw the line between when it is and is not acceptable?

3. Do you feel such an action "damages" your faith in some way?

4. Which is worse (or is there no difference?): denying something you believe in, or professing belief in something you do not believe in?

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