Friday, September 02, 2005

Questions about Faeries

I'm interested in the views of others, because I have heard and read thousands of different things related to faeries. So here we go:

What do you think about faeries?

Are they Dangerous? All of them? Most of them? Some of them? none of them?

Where do they reside Astral plane? Their own plane? Our plane? They don't exist?

Can last on our plane forever? A long time. They live here. They come and go. They can't come here.

Are faeries More intelligent then humans? less? They stand in such an incomprehensible gap above humans it's.. well.. Incomprehensible. They are stupid? Some like it hot some like it cold?? (some are smart some are not)

Do they speak? Through pictures and symbols. No. Secret faerie language. Runes. All. English.

Do they practice magick? No, impossible! Yes most definitely, Better than we can. yeah but not very well. Only Faerie magick.

I think this is a good base for discussion but if anyone has anything to add, I know I wouldn't mind.

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