Thursday, May 06, 2010

What language do you prefer for rituals?

Hello, I was wondering, how this is for others and how I should do it:

What is your native language? mine is Dutch
What other languages do you know? I know English and a little bit French
What language do you prefer for your rituals, books,...

I would like a language that other persons don't understand (or at least no one around).

I don't want my mom or other persons reading my texts in my room. Hearing me speak it.
Most people here speak all Dutch, English and French. I don't want other people who don't (want) to understand it, bothering me with the content of my rituals. I think it is to hard to learn a complete new language and use it, never the less some people might understand it.

Maybe it is an option to make up an own language, but it is pretty hard to do so.
When I might have a daughter one day, I might pass my book of shadows to her, if she wants...I don't know what to do. Using Dutch is otherwise having respect for my roots...*sigh* I'm stuck

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