Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How Do You Worship?

I don't worship on a regular basis, although I pray all the time. The rituals that I do perform are fairly lax. I only do what feels comfortable to me, although this may change in the next few months. (I've been feeling the need for a big to-do from the gods lately.) I worship at various times, not always in conjunction with a festival or a feast day, and I never have an altar set up. There are candles, there are offerings, and there is a lot of laughter to be had when I finally do get down to it and have a big ole ritual that everyone [who understands] is invited to. Spells are cast, jokes are told, hymns are sung, and if I had a sistra, I'd probably jingle it now and again.

So, that's how I worship Sekhmet and the various other deities in the Egyptian pantheon that demand my attention. It's probably not "formal" in comparison to other Kemetic Recons' version of ritual, but it's what I can afford (monetarily and mentally) at the moment.

What do you do to acknowledge your deities?

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