Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Magical/Psychic Powers/Abilities and Meds

I was just browsing The Society Of Inner Light's website and the part about membership, just out of random interest and it had a small stipulation of membership which got me thinking. It says on the site "You should not have any addiction problems or be on a course of medically prescribed drugs that could affect your psychic or mental faculties."

Personally I'm not sure what I make of this, as in all honesty it's never been something to cross my mind until now and basicly it's got me thinking and I was wondering if anyone else has any theories or expierences of medication effecting your abilities or powers or whatever you wish to call it.

To me at least, it doesn't sound unfeasible that say taking anti-depressants could affect your psychic/magical abilities, but I'm willing to accept it could be a load of rubbish!

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