Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Conflicting Afterlifes: Rewards or Punishments?

Now here's an interesting one for you all to chew on like I have been. So supposing you've got your gods, whatever people, who promote honor, integrity etc., like the Norse gods. Then suppose you've got a guy from somewhere else whose gods say it's alright to do whatever you need to do to get rich and powerful. So this guy comes and murders a bunch of Norse folk, steals, deceives etc. Do you think this guy would be punished in the afterlife (I know I know, I'm assuming there IS one here, that's a different discussion, don't mess with my topic), in the Norse Nastrond say, or would he be rewarded by his gods for his "good" deeds?

It's been bothering me, I can't reach a conclusion. I'm a Wodan's man (which can feel like more of a curse sometimes), so I spend a lot of time thinking about Paganism and trying to give it a logical explanation. Of course, the mythology provides us with an understandable explanation, but it's not literal, so I try to come up with explanations about what gods are, the nature of the universe etc. that are acceptable.

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