Thursday, May 13, 2010

Different Forms of Witchcraft?

Hello, I'm in search of my spiritual pathway. So I though witchcraft could be something for me. But then I've been told, there are a lot of different sorts of witchcraft. If you're familiar with one or multiple, can you please give me a quick summary of the name, origin, the way it works, et cetera.

As I am looking for something that fits me, I might say I don't really believe in deities like gods and stuff, but I do think there is more then this. I believe in life after death, astral projection, spells maybe...I think the spirit is capable of a lot. But I think deities are more like a human invention. It feels really unnatural to me. But if you do want to share something about gods, feel free to share it. I'll read it definitely, but I think it's pretty hard to convince me.

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