Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have a question for those of you who prefer to have a figure of your deity to worship on your altar. A lot of the deities have statues readily available, such as Apollon, Hermes, Hathor, etc. There are ones who don't, however, and I am curious... are there any folks out there with the problem that I am having of WANTING to have a figure on the altar, but not being able to find anything at all appropriate?

What does one do? Especially since I'm fairly broke and couldn't afford to commission someone to craft one for me, and am rubbish at sculpting? I'd like something physical, 3-D I could touch.

Are there ramifications to getting a sculpture of say, a random female figure, and dedicating it as the goddess I want to have on my altar? I certainly think that getting a figurine of say, Sequanna to worship AS Sirona would be impolite to both the goddesses.

Thoughts? Help? Mints?

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