Monday, May 03, 2010

How far from the actual holiday is too long?

Since Beltane was today/yesterday, I really wanted to do something to celebrate, but I absolutely do not have time because of upcoming AP tests. So that got me thinking about how close a celebration has to be to the actual holiday for it to 'count'. If I stop and meditate on it, the actual days of the holidays have a specific feel to them. Even though that feel is strongest on the actual day, it doesn't vanish completely the day after, so I suppose you could celebrate as long as that feel is present at all. Or is a week later just as good? After all, I suppose when these festivals originated, people couldn't be that precise about the day. What do you think is the cutoff before it's just too far away from the actual holiday to count? Before the moon changes phase, or maybe even just as long as you celebrate within the season?

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