Monday, May 03, 2010

Combining Cultures/Dual Paths

I know there are many people who take the label of "eclectic pagan" readily, but there are those who take much consideration into what practices they incorporate into their beliefs. For some a dual path is fulfilling. I may be one of those people. I find it very interesting that some people think that the Irish people and the Native American people had a lot in common. It may be something I look into one day, but my religion is set up to be specifically Irish. For those already in a dual or eclectic path or those who would consider it, some questions for you to answer (please!),

1. Would one culture take prevalence over the other?
2. How would you practice your beliefs, gather information, etc without breaking "cultural integrity"?
3. Would you consider taking two complete opposite faiths rather than two similiar ones?
4. Those who consider themselves eclectic, why did you chose this rather than a reconstructionist path?
5. Those who consider themselves reconstructionist, would you ever consider doing an eclectic practice or combining more than one culture?

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