Thursday, May 22, 2008

Restrictions on Partner's Displays of Faith?

There is something I've thought about off and on, and it came to mind again while I was reading the 'Exposing Children to Other Religions?' thread.

Egalas said: "I have been asked by my wife not to "flaunt" my beliefs/religion to my children as she wants them to be brought up Christian."

Is there anyone here who has made a similar request of a partner? I've read it several times as a sentiment expressed by a Christian partner, but are there any, say, Asatruar who have asked their Wiccan partner not to flaunt their beliefs in front of the children because they want them brought up Asatruar, or Greek Recons who don't want their children exposed to their Kemetic partner's ways?

Any Pagans who have asked their Christian partners not to say grace aloud because they are afraid their children will want to know why they don't tell the other gods when they're eating too? Or is this something that it is more reasonable for a more mainstream partner to ask of a less mainstream one? (Mainstream because I can't think of a better term.)

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