Saturday, May 31, 2008

Origins of Ritual Wear

Do you, or your ritual group, use special clothing or accessories (like jewelry, cords, head covering, whatever) during ritual? If you do not practice with others, why did you select the particular items you use? If you work within a group, do you know why you use those particular items instead of something else?

For those that follow recon or recon-ish paths- do you wear or use anything related to the ancient culture you emulate? Why, or why not? How do you feel about those who have the opposite practice as you? (As in, if you wear jeans and they wear togas, or the other way around.)

For those of you who don't have ritual clothing or accessories, was that a conscious choice or has it just ended up that way? If you chose not to demarcate anything as ritually significant, why did you do so?

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