Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Invasion Cycle as a Creation Myth?

I was reading a book on Celtic Myths (sure it's an old one) and listening to some Celtic Folk Music (and Celtic Folk Metal) and began rethinking about the Invasion Cycle as a creation story.

First you have the Partholan and then the Nemed come after them, the Partholan fight off the local Formorians, which could be representative of Chaos, The Partholan then die, and then you have the Nemed, who also die. This could be the first stage of creation, Order beating back Chaos, the Partholan and the Nemed could represent the cycle of Life and Death, and the bringing of order to a chaotic world.

Then you have the Fir Bolg, they are almost proto gods. Almost like the Greek Titans, but not quite. They still can't conquer the Formorians, but they come close.

Then the coming of the Tuatha De Dannan, they are the actual gods and beings of power that make up everything. In an animist twist, the non-important common people are the spirits of the land. They are briefly conquered by the formorians, but then Lugh comes, brining Arts and Sciences together to beat them, thus Order beating Chaos.

Finally, the Milead come, they are the humans, they finally bring everything into full being, they are the final invasion and reap the benefits of the Ireland that has been formed by the other four invasions.

So, what do you think? Completely off the mark or maybe on to something? It's all strictly UPG mind you.

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