Friday, May 02, 2008

How was your Beltaine?

As a newbie I'm eager to hear how everyone was celebrating. So what did you plan and how did it work out? Or what are planning if you want to celebrate at the weekend?

Here in Germany there's a holiday on the first of May, because it's workers' day (with the traditional union and left wing demonstrations) and a Christian holiday. Folk tradition is to have a dance on May Eve, drink a lot and in some regions the young men put up a tree at the front of their admired girls houses the next morning.

I've been doing neither of those options. I've been reading articles about Beltane, doing a big (and very necessary) dorm cleaning. Then I've been outside in the forest a bit (it was raining every 5 minutes, but great!). I've done a very small 'ritual' if you can even call it such. Just banished some personal negative energies in a very simple newbie-like way (walking around burning sage and saying a few words), put up wards and lighted a candle. But it was fun! I know that's not necessarily Beltaine work, but I needed it and read somewhere there was the peasant custom to go around the compound and repair fences.

So how was yours?

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