Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Explaining Your Religious/Spiritual/Occult Symbols and Images

An idea I got from Aisling's 'Describing Your Religion'-thread. I'm interested to hear how people came to their religious/spiritual/occult symbols and images and what they do represent for them. I've seen a lot of interesting things in avatars for example like sacred geometry (Moon Ivy?), Gods or animals/plants and other nature features.

* Which symbols and images do represent your religion/spirituality for you or have a magical purpose?

* Do you wear them, display them or work with them? Does your avatar or signature include features with religious/spiritual/occult meaning for you?

* Are there any forms of sacred geometry in your symbols/images or do they symbolize or show Gods, animals, plants, nature features or any other beings or objects which are significant to you in a religious/spiritual/magical way?

* Which personal meanings do you attribute to symbols/images with a variety of traditional meanings (for example a pentagram, the moon etc.)? Do your personal meanings vary from the traditional ones or is one meaning out of a larger variety more important to you than others?

* Have you ever experienced misunderstandings of your personal religious/spiritual/occult symbols and images? Which?

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