Monday, May 26, 2008

Newbie Mistakes

This one is information for the newbies, as we all made mistakes when we were new, and I thought that newbies would benefit from hearing the ones we had made so they wouldn't make the same.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, I thought you had to have a path and a deity. Now I've met people I've respected who don't have either.

The really big one, which confused me for six months was thinking that all books are gospel. I have a Christian background, and Scottish Protestants believe that the bible is written through men by God. So I read the books I could get my hands on about paganism, and they were mainly wiccan books and thought that they were texts. Took me six months to find out that I didn't have to follow everything in the neo-wiccan books I'd read. If you'd asked me about a text then I'd've cited Scott Cunningham...

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