Thursday, February 14, 2008

What kind of funeral/burial would you choose for yourself?

Bouncing off the funeral pyre question, and thoughts of death prompted by the "Valentines from Hearts Stilled" thread that Lyric posted:

What kind of funeral and/or burial do you envision for yourself?

I'd like to be buried in such a way that my rotting corpse would feed a white oak, so that I could live for the next 200 or so years as a great tree, providing food and a home for the birds, soaking in the summer sun, having my leaves whisper in the wind. No marker; maybe a bench, to encourage folks to sit in my shade and maybe doze off, having the most wondrous dreams.

Of course, this assumes nobody chops me down in all that time! I'd have to find a place (in the Hudson valley, due to my love of the region) where that would be least likely to happen.

Let my epitaph be the works I've written.

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