Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Do Pagans Really Believe in Greek Gods?

Do all pagans believe in the greek gods. I have been reading and studying about paganism, specifically wicca, and is really resonates with me. The greek gods are the one aspect that really confuses me. I am looking for an alternative to catholicism, not to replace one god for many gods. I get the whole goddess and god thing and yes it makes so much sense. But do pagan's really believe that Zeus is in the sky throwing lightning bolts- do they really believe that the seasons change based on a mother that misses her daughter? I first thought that these stories were just ideas or symbols to help focus your energy and intentions, which i could work with. BUT after reading "The outer temple of witchcraft", the author makes it very clear that he believes these gods are REAL.

Can someone explain?? Thanks!

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