Sunday, February 24, 2008

Do You Think Pagans are Different in Other Ways than just Religion?

I haven't met other Pagans outside the internet yet and wonder if many Pagans are different in social behaviour and life style than adherents of mainstream religions. I wonder if books and internet are giving me the right picture of Paganism and if I'll have a big surprise when I finally meet some Pagans face to face. (At the moment I'm living a bit at the edge of the world, but of course I can practice solitary without minding what others do and how they are. I'm just interested in knowing.)

I guess this would vary individually, but are there striking social & life style differences between specific groups or types of Pagans and adherents of mainstream religions?

1) Are there more individualistic people or people with unconventional life styles than in mainstream religions?

2) Would you call a big part of it an alternative movement (not only in the religious aspect) or are most people just like other people and only different in regards to religion?

3) Are there recognizeable types of Pagans in day to day life, for example through specific ways of dressing, social behaviour, housing etc.?

4) Do you think that specific kinds of people are drawn to Paganism, like specific characters, social groups, occupations etc.?

To give you an example: With some people it's likely that they are in the ecological movement, if you see how they dress, house, what music they listen to etc. And someone with punk hairstyle is unlikely to be a conservative Catholic, but he/she may not necessarily be an anarchist.

So what about Pagans? I guess the answer will be very complex as Pagans are not a homogen group, but maybe there are specific kinds of Pagans or specific prejudices you would like to correct?

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