Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Books for Children?

I need some help finding good material for children. Because of the way I was raised I decided to raise my children to learn and be accepting of all religions. My 8yr old informed me a few days ago that she didn't believe in Christianity because it didn't make any sense to her (I should note that everyone in our family except for myself is Christian). While I have never talked to her much about my beliefs she is now asking me about what I believe. She and I have spoken a little about the topic. I have many books about Wicca and other pagan practices but they are aimed at older readers. Finding books and information for kids is proving to be a little more difficult then I had thought it would be. Does anyone have any suggestions?

To date I have also not gone into the discussion that mommy is a witch and was wondering if anyone might have suggestions about going into that. There are also concerns about other children (and adults) giving her trouble. We live in a area where the Christian churches have crowds of thousands and the pagan community is few and far between. I have always lived by the rule that if I don't know the company I am in I keep my mouth shut.

I would greatly appreciate recommendations of any materials including but not limited to books and websites. There was a mention to me at one point about a pagan magazine for children but the name was not given. Has anyone every heard of it?

Also anyone who has raised or is raising pagan children and has experience they would like to share would be great. While I am trying not to sway her one way or the other I do want to provide accurate, age appropriate information to answer her questions. She will do as we have all done and in time find her own path.

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