Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Symbols, Icons, and Statues, Oh My!

Actually, I am wondering... what are some of the symbols, icons, and statues, that you use in your Craft? Is there anything that you use that is unique in its own sense?

What do they mean to you?

I've just recently ordered a celtic cross with a simulated onyx gem and a black silk chain necklace.

The reason I ordered them is because they match, LOL! No just kidding, the cross symbolizes to me, the Crossroads... and since Hecate is calling me to Her, it couldn't have been more perfect... which I had the necklace on hold for a week and just 2 days ago, I heard Her start to call me... strange, eh?

So that's the only symbol that I'm really thinking of at the moment...

Now, what about you?

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