Thursday, February 28, 2008

Recycled Virginity?

Oh man. Recycled virginity. Who'd have thunk it.

Born-again virgins claim to rewrite the past
Through spiritual or surgical routes, women give their first time a do-over

Though the relationship lasted for seven years and produced two beautiful children, a part of Watts always felt guilty. She wished she could step back in time and recapture her lost virginity. Thinking of how 'I could have ruined one of greatest fulfillments of my life,' the first time having sex with a husband, she wanted to 'have that opportunity again. I know my [future] husband deserves a whole person.'

So Watts engaged in a lot of prayer and thought, and now declares herself a virgin once again. “The most important thing was to realize what my values were and what I want in the future and the bigger goals in my life," she says. 'That’s why I can call myself a renewed virgin.'

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