Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Cauldron, RetroRoleplaying, and Self-Appointed Pagan Community Spokespeople

I received the following message from someone who did not identify themselves via our problem report email system:


I have noticed your new roleplaying web site, You should be ashamed of yourself. The public associates roleplaying games with satanism and being out of touch with reality. Paganism gets enough bad press without the owner of a major pagan message board being connected with d&d. We don't need more bad press and more people who believe pagans are out of touch with reality. Shut the site down now before it harms the pagan community.
I've tired of this crap. I don't give a damn that some in the Pagan community think Pagans should not have anything to do with roleplaying games because some people associate rpgs with Satanism, demon summoning, people who can't tell fiction from reality or whatever. I don't care if my association with roleplaying games gives some fundie loudmouth yet another reason to think that all Pagans should be burned. Said fundie loudmouth would think that no matter what I do or don't do, so why should I let it limit my choices?

I've been involved in roleplaying games in one form or another since I started college in 1975. That's almost as long as I've been Pagan. I have recently begun to work on a web site on the older rpgs that I enjoyed. I'm not going to shut it down because some Pagans reading this message board don't like the idea of someone who runs a "major" Pagan web site also running an rpg web site. And yes, it has to be someone reading this board because the only way to easily connect the two web sites is my signature here on TC.

Heck, I've already been warlocked by a total stranger (along with all past, present, and members of this board) -- see ALL Cauldron Members Warlocked?! on our old DelphiForums board -- because TC is a discussion and debate board and not an "accept whatever is said as true" board, so why the heck would anyone reading this board think I care that they don't like what I'm doing on something like this?

To whoever wrote this: Just go away. is here to stay. I'm enjoying working on it. In fact, if I was forced by some type of law to choose between closing and The Cauldron, I'd be closing The Cauldron. Deal with it. Go play personal interest/personal lifestyle nazi someplace else.

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