Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Wicca and Polytheism

As a disclaimer, let me first say that by Wicca, I'm talking about is non-oathbound material - that is what is available in books, magazines etc... I understand that there has been a lot of discussion about what separates NeoWicca from Wicca from Wiccanesque from eclectic, but I'm still unsure of exactly where the lines are.

That said, I'm wondering if there is anything contradictory in being a polytheistic Wiccan. Most of what I've read presents Wicca as duotheistic or even a kind of light monotheism* but I've also heard people say that they themselves are hard polytheists who have a patron and matron deity (oftentimes from ancient pantheons) which they focus on. And then I've also heard some Wiccans say that the Goddess/God of Wicca are separate deities whom you worship using Wiccan rituals.

So I'm kind of confused. I know a lot of people who claim the Wiccan label have totally different ideas wrt theology and such. I just feel a strong draw to a lot of what I read about Wicca, but I'm also more of a hard polytheist and I'm looking for a little elucidation.

* This, I will admit, is something more common in fluffier books, but it's still pretty common.

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