Thursday, August 30, 2007

Online Magic School Experiences?

I find it difficult to sit down and just read a book, but at the same time I find myself doing open-ended Google searches and joining in on forum discussions on religious topics. I guess it's just more interactive, and that is why I am interested in something like an online learning program. I've checked into some of the educational sites out there and some stand out more than others, and I am trying to figure out if any of them are right for me.

Anyway, the sites that I've found are

College of the Sacred Mists -- Very nice website, well laid out, and upcoming video seminars with Janet Farrar + Gavin Bone (The Farrars are probably my favorite authors in the field). On the negative side, quite expensive at $20/month plus a $25 enrollment fee.

WitchSchool -- seem to offer a much more diverse set of courses than the other schools and even put out stuff on YouTube regularly. They are probably the lowest costing of the bunch. The problem is that they seem quite "fluffbunny," in some of their methods. They put a seance on YouTube that made me wonder if they were serious which really made me think twice about becoming a member. I believe that they recently disabled the ability to do a trial course for non-paying members, as well.

Grey School of Wizardry -- has the right people with credibility behind it (Oberon Zell), but aimed at younger people with lots of Harry Potter overtones, so I'm not really feeling it's a good match for me.

Magicka School -- Offers more than the others for free, but seems to be lacking in diversity (seems limited to Wicca/Tarot/Kaballah)

I was wondering if anyone was (or is) a member of any of these sites or any others I may have missed. If I do decide to try it, I am leaning towards WitchSchool or College of the Sacred Mists since these seem to offer the most variety/credibility, but definitely want to hear your thoughts good or bad on any of them.

Looking forward to reading your replies!

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