Monday, August 20, 2007

Reversed Tarot Cards

I was going to ask how you go about allowing reversed cards in, as I am particularly fussy about ensuring things are the right way up, generally, but suddenly feel I should allow my cards to reverse, should they so wish.

My original question was how do you go about introducing the possibility of reversed cards? Would you deliberately reverse say half of them? Would you twist the odd card during shuffling? Etc. However, on shuffling the cards earlier this popped in to my head and one of the cards literally jumped out of my hands and slid across the table lol! That, combined with the fact that I feel ready to read reversed cards, let me accept it, and it did make me giggle somewhat too!

I glimpsed at the card on replacing it and it was reversed in the pack. I don't know which card it was though (I'm good at that, I can look at the answers to crosswords and sudoku without seeing anything I shouldn't do!) and since then I've quickly gone through the pack and there are at least 4 or 5 that are the wrong way up in the pack now (not sure how there are that many, only one jumped and I was, until today, very careful).

I'm just wondering whether or not anyone else ended up doing reversed cards like this, or whether you took deliberate steps to accept reversed cards?

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