Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Information on the Fae

Basically, due to various things in my recent past I've become very interested in learning more about the Fae, fairies, little folk, etc. Specifically, I'm interested in reading more about their role in traditional folklore and what one may do in order to experience them these days. I don't mean that I want to use them in any way; it's more that I'd like a sign around my neck saying "Any seelie fae passing, feel free to visit." I'd particularly like to know about specific charms that they're attracted to- as a beginning jeweller, I'm really hoping to include that sort of thing in my jewellery.

My problem is that I'm finding it very difficult to separate the serious, well-researched information from the fluff that seems to be everywhere on the web these days. Any book/website/article recommendations would be extremely appreciated. Thanks!

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