Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Question on Meditating and Guides

Has anyone else tried visualising their guide? (Probably a silly question).

I have been trying (admittedly, on and off) for years now, and never get any further. My method is imagining walking along a path which takes me up a hill to a gate. Through the gate is a beautiful garden, and in that garden is/are my guide/s.

That's as far as I get! My visualisation is excellent, to the point that I can relax and just walk through the gate (though I do start from the beginning each time for the build up). In fact, the images are as clear as a memory now. My problem is that although I can see my guide to a certain extent I can't see his face. I can sit next to him, but still not see his face. I can talk to him, but I can't hear the replies.

Am I trying too hard, or not hard enough? Or am I just not meant to know? It's not that there is no face or sound, it's there, but it's blurry, like when you've just rubbed your eyes!

When I ask for a sign without the visualising I feel him touch me, in the same place each time.

I know it's not my visualisation that's not strong enough because of the above (being able to walk straight in if I choose) and I am also able to "self heal", i.e. clear headaches/tummy aches etc by using visualisation techniques. In fact, I can do that within seconds now! I even used to be able to make my ex's IBS pains go by using my hands and visualising the pain leaving, although he was very receptive and open so that may have helped... But what I'm saying is I must be doing something right.

Anybody else have the same problems? Or any ideas on how I could perhaps improve my techniques, or whether it's a sign to give up because he doesn't want to be seen!

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