Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Do Magic and Some Religions Mix?

I'm seriously interested in witchcraft and magic of the non-Wiccan variety, but I'm also trying to find a belief system that most fits the way I live my life and makes more sense to me than the ones I've seen so far. Really, what I've been interested in is Hellenism and the ethical codes and sensible attitude they have toward their gods and their everyday lives; plus I am intimately familiar with the gods of Hellenism and have felt a connection with them more than once.

However, I've heard from some that magic and Hellenism do not mix, nope, no question about it. I'm just wondering what your opinions on it are and if these two things can be used in sync. Also, what are the differences between non-Wiccan witchcraft paths? I'd like to learn more about them so I can fairly evaluate which one is best for me.

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