Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I very recently stumbled upon a form of divination that I had not known about before. Lithomancy, the art divination using stones. I actually first heard about it this weekend from me new favorite book Witchcraft for Tomorrow.

Sadly though I have no real information on it and the few searches I have come up with haven't given much detail on how to use it. I understand the main concept, different stones relate to different astrological plants and also different aspects of live, love, luck, news, magick, ummm, I forget the others... and you would predict depending oh how the stones would fall. I hope I am understanding it right.

What I would like to know basically is if anyone has any kind of information or resources on this type of divination? have any of you used it personally and how has it worked out for you? Are there any books devoted to the subject that I might be able to get a hold of?

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