Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wiccan Afterlife Beliefs?

What do Wiccans think happens after they die?
Summerlands then reincarnation? Straight up reincarnation?

And as a point of that question, what happens to the "bad" people when they die? I don't mean someone that stole a candy bar 30 years ago, heh. But truly bad people, like child rapists and murderers.

I ask because this fiction book I'm reading has the High Priestess saying that when the bad guys {and boy, are they bad!} pass on to the Summerlands, there they will be able to choose their reward, or be punished for their actions.

And yes, it is fiction, but most of the Wiccan stuff he has in the book is pretty spot on {from what this forum has taught me and the books I've read}.

So I thought I'd ask some people that are Wiccan to get the low down on if there is some sort of punishment for these people or if they are just reincarnated straight away...?

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