Monday, October 02, 2006

What Does "Worship" Mean?

I have issues with the word "worship" and I'm trying to get past them. I think this springs from my baaaaaad teen experiences in a somewhat fundie Methodist youth group (from which I was impeached as president for the crime of asking questions).

To me, "worship" has connotations of demeaning/debasing oneself in order to make a deity happy. It's a very negative feeling, and I'm not even sure how I developed it. Unfortunately, it causes me to close up to what I'm sure could otherwise be wonderful experiences.

Obviously, that's not the only way to construe the word "worship" (duh), so I thought I'd ask you all what it means to you. I'm hoping the discussion will provide other, more positive perspectives, and help me move past this negative place.

So, what does "worship" mean to you?

How does it define or effect your relationship to deity?

What actions/rituals/practices do you consider to be worship?

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